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Last few days, I was given a strange opportunity to reflect on my life, and look back the things.

I was getting angry easily, wanted to detach myself from others, lost the usual satire in speech, and strangely talking, although not pleasantly always, with my parents more. I also felt like doing nothing, enjoyed the sky and blue mooon, and was rather interested in choosing a new design for the blog and doing small modifications to suit my expectations whereas I could have done more classes, finished the projects or looked into other ways of making more money. I was feeling ravenous, and even after taking benzimidazole drug. Hardly it could have beeen a captivity of negativity nor depression.  I was searching for the answer for what is happening to me.

I happened to flip over my Onenote – note page on 11 minutes book and realized probably it is the strange feeling of codependency makes me so ..

Do you know who the loneliest person in the world is? The
executive with a successful career, earning an enormous
salary, trusted by those above and below him, with a family
to go on holiday with and children who he helps out with
their homework, but who is then approached by someone like me
and asked the following question: “How would you like to
change your job and earn twice as much?”
‘The executive, who has every reason to feel wanted and
happy, becomes the most miserable creature on the planet.
Why? Because he has no one to talk to. He is tempted to
accept my offer, but he can’t talk about it to his work
colleagues because they would do everything they could to
persuade him to stay. He can’t talk about it to his wife, who
has been his companion in his rise up the ladder of success
and understands a great deal about security, but nothing
about taking risks. He can’t talk to anyone about it and
there he is confronted by the biggest decision of his life.
Can you imagine how that man feels?’
No, that man wasn’t the loneliest person in the world.

– From 11 Minutes, by Paulo Coelho

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  1. Danekka says:

    Nice one 🙂

    I would like to share few thoughts too 🙂 Firstly no one is alone in the world to be the loneliest. Its we who choose to be independent or dependent or codependent. Its no harm to choose nyone of these divisions but we shld make sure tht we dont complain what we have chosen.

    Being detached from people around us might be beneficial i dont knw abt that but i dont think tht is a healthier way of life style for human as such 🙂 since we are all bound to be loved n cared for one another.

    I personally think being completely independent might not be the best solution. As we need something to fall back onto when we need a break.

    btw nice quote 🙂

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